Moch Restu Subagya

Company Director. Graduate With Honor from UII Architect Professional Program. Certified Arsitek Madya by DAI. License Practitioner of NLP by SNLP. Focus on: Research and Management. Hobbies: NLP, Art and Philosophy.

Maulani Kurniawati

Principal Architect. Graduated from UII. experienced since 2016 with more than hundred design concepts. INFP – Indische Architecture Enthusiast. Love to attend architecture seminar & expo, read house and interior design.

Deden Saepul Alfarisi

Associate Architect. from Infastructure University Kuala Lumpur . Focus on Client Consultation Service. Hobbies: Badminton, Sketching,

Farhan Maulana Abrari

Junior architect. More job at design, survey site and consulting. Graduated From Architecture at National Instsitute of Technology Bandung. ESTP-A/ESTP-J. Hobby : Travelling

Nopita Suryanti

Junior Architect. Graduated from UII. ENFJ-A. Design and landscape architecture enthusiast. Hobbies : Traveling and Reading.


Budget Estimator & Structure Analyst. Graduated from Civil Engineering of Politeknik Sukabumi. Focus on: Estimating, Drafting and Structure analyzing. INFP – Hobby : Watching Movies.

Prian Irawan

Chief Production &Senior 3D Modeler. 7 Years experience in Luxury house Designing, Drafting and Building. Love to learn about art, architecture software and building material. INTJ – Hobbies : Mastering architecture software, gaming and manga.

Isep Saepudin

Senior Drafter & 3D Modeler, Apartment Specialist. 7 Years drafting experience. Expert on technical drawing and consulting assistant. Focus on : Architecture & Structure Drafting. ENFJ – Hobby : Running, Designing and Gaming.

Adi Setiadi Nugraha

Senior Drafter, 3D Modeler & construction supervisor. 10 years working in a planning and supervisory consulting company as a drafter, supervisor & estimator. interested in construction, architercture, home design. ESFJ-T -Hobbies: reading manga,designing,gaming

Dicky Darmawan

Content Creator. Graduated with honor from Industry Engineering of Serang Raya University. Focus on: Content Creation and Multimedia Affairs. ENFJ – Hobbies : Futsal and Computer Architecture .

Rendi Azhar

Website Developer. Graduated with honor from Informatics Engineering of Muhammadiyah University of Sukabumi. Focus on: Website Design and Development. ESFJ – Hobbies : Watching Movies and Listening To Music.

Septya Rosdyan Syamyo

Interior Designer. Graduated from Interior Designer Program of Telkom University. Focus on: Interior Design and Bill of Quantity. Hobbies: Drawing and Photography. Personality: ENFJ-A. 

Nadilah Fajrianti K

Focus on Analysis Structure. Graduated From Civil Engineering Of Politeknik Sukabumi. ESTJ-Hobby : Watching Movie

Maulana Abdul Rohman

Content creator. student at Muhammadiyah University. Focus on: Content Creation and Multimedia Affairs. ISFP-A – Hobbies : Music, sleep, swimming, gaming.